On the Sight Bookshelf this week…

It’s almost Christmas so here is our last on the bookshelf for the year (and yes, there have been far too few). 

But before we do that, I wanted to mention that in 2013 we’re introducing a new SIGHT BOOKCLUB in which we’ll be reading and then discussing a particular book each month (with anyone invited to join in the conversation!). More details to come soon.

But back to our bookshelf list (where you may just find some holiday reading or even a belated Christmas gift)…

Fascinating Times: A Social Commentary – Mal Fletcher. A collection of essays by Mal reflecting on ethics and society today. Read our recently posted review here.

Dead Sea: A Novel – Lynne Baab. You can read Darren Cronshaw’s review here.

The Unsolved Mystery of Noah’s Ark – Mary Irwin. The story of how Mary Irwin came to conclude Noah’s Ark was not on Mt Ararat. You can read more about the book in a piece by Mark Ellis here.

The Case for Christmas: A Journalist Investigates the Identity of the Child in the Manger – Lee Strobel. A classic investigation of the Christmas story by journalist Lee Strobel.

Grace: More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine – Max Lucado. The much loved author’s latest book on the subject of, yes – you guessed it, grace.


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