On the Sight bookshelf this week…

You may have noticed that Sight is now directly linking to books for sale on Amazon from the main website – just follow the links from there as you would from here. But we’ll still be updating this page as we hope it becomes something of a hub for talk about books…

Meantime, here’s some books of interest…

• A Time to Betray: The Astonishing Double Life of a CIA Agent Inside the Revolutionary Guards of Iran. A fascinating book by an ex-CIA spy with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards who is now a Christian. For more on the man known as Reza Khalili, see our article here.

• The Society of Promoting Christian Knowledge Australia (SPCKA) recently announced its shortlist for Australian Christian Book of the Year. Along with historian Geoffrey Blainey’s A Short History of Christianity, Baptist theologian Ross Clifford’s Apologetic Preaching and Teaching for the Church and the Marketplace, and Cameron Semmens’ The Zoo In You (see Darren Cronshaw’s review  here)they include Murray Seiffert’s Gumbuli of Ngukurr, Sharon Witt’s Teen Talk Parent Talk, Shan Joseph’s Colour Worms and Cecily Patterson’s Love, Tears and Autism.

• Lady in Waiting: Sex. God. Love. (Extended Version) – Sabrina Peters. Unfortunately we don’t have a link but you can read our review here

The Cross and the Switchblade – David Wilkerson. A classic book about the life changing power of Jesus Christ.

Any recommendations?


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